Stephen Chenery

35 Years in the Hospitality Industry
30 years as a Hospitality Leader
20 Years Interviewing Sports & Entertainment People
25 Years as an MC & Host for Ceremonies, Events & Quizzes

As a Hospitality leader, an exuberant, imaginative and pioneering professional with a wealth of experience in the management field. Demonstrable experience solving problems and influencing business transformation. Focused with a solution focused mindset that leaves no stone unturned. Consistently demonstrates personable, friendly and driven attitude in pursuit of stakeholder care thus driving sales and the business forward. Hardworking and diligent professional that works with a high level of autonomy creating a supportive environment for all team members

An experienced MC & Host with over 20 years presenting and interviewing high profile Sports & Entertainment People. With an eye for a good question. I make the guests feel comfortable and the clients entertained. My easy-going style and confidence put’s the speaker at ease, allowing me insight into their careers and what inspired them. My research and knowledge of the speaker is reflected in the respect they show me with their answers.

Life is Entertainment

As an MC my easy-going nature puts confidence into the guest speaker; allowing me to artfully interview them and flow a conversation like we were chatting as old friends. My research and knowledge of their careers show in the respect they give in their answers.

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