Quiz Hosting & Management

‘Keep people interested, challenged and competitive throughout the Quiz’

I have been hosting and managing Quiz events since 2005.

Setting the ‘right’ Quiz questions is the absolute key to any event as most Quizzes can have any level of age range. Whilst it is important to make the quizzes challenging for all, keeping everyone competitive for as long a duration as possible is especially important. Ultimately a team may drift away towards the end but keeping their enthusiasm to still answer all the questions is paramount to a successful event. The Quiz must also be the right length of time.

Your Quiz may be for your company, a local club, or friends, and you may have a charity angle. Quizzes are always great ways to raise funds and this can be done in many ways which I can advise on.

I have a Quiz Bank of over 10,000 Questions covering all sorts of subjects. Most Quizzes like a mixture of topics but some Quizzes like to be specifically about one subject such as a Sports Quiz, or a Music Quiz. All quizzes will include Picture Rounds.

I can offer the whole package which includes acting as Quiz Master, setting the questions, and scoring the Quiz. You may also just want a host for your Quiz.

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