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What credentials do
I have to advise you?

What credentials do I have to advise you?

Well firstly the roles I have played: Kitchen Porter/Pot Washer/Prep Cook/Line Cook/Host/Waiter/Senior Head Waiter/Assistant Manager/Restaurant Manager/Bar Back/Bartender/General Manager/Catering Manager/Director/Owner

Secondly: Started out in the Industry in 1990/worked with and learnt from some incredible people/still love the industry/continue to get satisfaction from a job well done/not afraid to keep learning and taking risks/And finally, have most likely come across every scenario this industry can throw at you.

I have learnt many lessons over time and whilst I still own a highly successful operation my most valuable lessons came from a failed venture in 2009. This taught me more than anything else as I clearly understood where I went wrong and allowed me to use what I had learnt to continue thriving as an Owner and Adviser.

Where do restaurants and bar’s need help? Well, every operation will have a different story.

Some maybe starting out and will not understand what is in their lease, is the premises in the right location, is the offer right, what security do I have to put up, is the risk worth taking? Others may have hit a bit of a stale patch with their business and need reinvigorating with the confidence to try new ideas. It does not always require huge amounts of money to make it right, it may just be a tweak here and there.

Many consultants will offer advice on the glamorous sides of the business: menu design/funky plates & glassware/paint colours & design/cocktails and dishes more for the camera than the plate. Whilst all these do of course have a bearing on your success, it is more often the questions you do not understand that cause you problems.

  • Areas where I can help:
  • You may just have an idea and want to run it by someone first?
  • Things to look out for when signing a lease?
  • Risk Assessments, Health & Safety, Fire, Insurance?
  • What records do I need to keep?
  • Which Social Media Platforms to use and why?
  • Website set up and management?
  • Collecting data on all platforms and how best you use it?
  • Target audience
  • How you Market your operation initially and continually?
  • Funds for MARKETING
  • Supplier Credit facilities and the right Suppliers?
  • Maximising Profit on Food & Drink and which lines will help this?
  • Budgets
  • Is discounting products the way to go?
  • Hosting a Quiz Event, Wine Tasting or Networking event?
  • Rewarding Loyal Customers?

The above is not an exhaustive list and if you are having concerns on a point not included then you just need to ask.

I can work on an hourly basis as and when required, a short- or long-term contract, or a one-off meeting.

There is no fee involved for an initial conversation. I will happily offer 30 minutes at no charge to chat.